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One of the most important – and most frequently overlooked – aspects of good system installation is cable management. This is as true for your home as it is for the most complex commercial setups. We all know the frustration of dealing with tangled cabling behind a computer or a TV – the cables seem to get that way all by themselves! Good cable management solutions make your home and office safer by reducing trip and fire hazards – and it may keep that expensive component from taking a shortcut to a hard floor.

Latched Electrical Can Do It

Latched Electrical Solutions has great ways to tame the bundle of snakes. Tidy disposition of all cabling is always a part of our highly-rated installations and upgrades. We are your go-to North Brisbane electrician – the trustworthy, cost-effective choice for commercial electrical services and residential electrical services.

Years of experience and our many happy customers back this up. Tell us about your next project – contact us online, or call 0419 283 055, to request a call out, a quote, or with any questions.

Plan to Get Started

Efficient cable management solutions start with good planning. Cable runs may actually be the most significant physical part of an installation, as when components are spread out over an office or rooms at home, and conversely when components are racked tightly together, or the installation has to occupy a small space like a closet that may not have been originally designed for this use. A cable plan can change as the install progresses – and it usually does. Having the plan to start with always saves time, money, and frustration.

Computer Cable Management

Great advances have been made in wireless connections for computers – everybody loves a wireless mouse, and how would we manage without Wi-Fi? Important cabling is still with us – for monitors, high-bandwidth peripherals like external drives, and of course for connecting everything to a power source. This can become a major issue in office installations, especially where space is at a premium, and in older spaces where wall outlets may be limited in number – and where power available may not be sufficient to run multiple workstations.

In addition, as work of many kinds increasingly involves high-quality 3D visualisation, the power required by modern high-end desktop video cards just keeps going up. All these factors will tend to involve more cabling rather than less, and good computer cable management solutions combined with a sensible power budget will be needed to keep it all organised.

TV Cable Management

Flatscreen TV panels are the greatest thing since colour television – gone are the bulky, heavy boxes of the increasingly remote past, and their low-definition images. TV cabling is still on the scene, though – in many cases it has actually increased, as today’s TV panels have connections for a wide variety of external components, for example: either as inbound sources of data and picture, or outbound for speakers and recording devices.

Thoughtfully placed Velcro loops can be a big help to manage cables for a temporary or casual installation, but a professional look for the office and a clutter-free look for the home need something more. TV cable management can be made much easier by gathering the bundles into cable chases – many kinds are available and they’re not expensive – and then routing below and behind available surfaces such as desks and dividers, or sideboards or even bookshelves.

In Wall Cable Management

In many ways, the best of the cable management solutions – and usually the nicest-looking. It is not always necessary to open up the wall – unless a completely stealth look is desired. Attractive cable chases with reconfigurable power and data breakout modules are available, for installation at a convenient height on permanent wall surfaces. No more scrambling under a desk. In a modern office space and even in some home settings, these can become a positive supporting design element in their own right, and they certainly provide great convenience for users.

Not all situations will allow the use of this type of cable chase. Many will still require the traditional in wall cable management solution using existing conduit or by installing new conduit. Especially when the wall is to be opened for conduit, it is important to ensure that there are provisions for future expansion as well as current needs.

This Job Calls for Professionals

Before you open up your walls, make the right move and bring in experienced professional help and advice. We’re here online, or you can call us on 0419 283 055 to request a call out, a quote, or with any questions. Latched Electrical Solutions can take your ideas from rough sketch to a finished installation you will be proud of for years to come.

We are north Brisbane’s quality electrical contractors, with a unique level of customer service. We provide solid upfront no-surprises pricing, and we back our work with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship.

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