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Bracken Ridge Electrician

Need an Electrician in the Bracken Ridge Area?

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Latched Electrical Solutions proudly provides the Bracken Ridge area with quality electrical services. While do not reside in the suburb, we are on call to provide you with a Bracken Ridge electrician you can trust for all your electrical needs. Whether the lights in your commercial building have gone out or you are looking to have a new appliance installed in your home, Latched Electrical Solutions is here for you.

Do you require the services of an expert electrician? Latched Electrical Solutions combines industry expertise with a focus on customer satisfaction to provide Bracken Ridge residents with professionals they can rely on. To get started, give us a call on 0419 283 055 or reach out through our contact form.

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Industry Experience

With 15 years of industry experience, you can be rest assured that your Bracken Ridge electrician will offer a professional and efficient service.

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Lifetime Warranty

Customers can have peace of mind knowing that all our work through Bracken Ridge and surrounding areas comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Upfront Pricing

Customers can enjoy the convenience of upfront pricing. We’ll let you know the exact cost before starting any job.

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Licensed & Insured

We are a fully licensed and insured electrical company, so you can have peace of mind knowing we are fully covered.

What a Bracken Ridge Electrician Can Do for You

At Latched Electrical Solutions we offer a range of services, from installing lighting fixtures to diagnosing electrical issues. We believe that customer service is paramount to what we do, so we endeavour to go above and beyond your expectations when delivering our services. We understand that electrical tasks are daunting for those with no experience, which is why we are always on call to alleviate your problems and walk you through the process to remedying the issue. Some of the issues we help with include:

  • Installing Appliances – While most people are aware of how to turn on a fridge or microwave, more complicated appliances require more expertise to properly install. A Bracken Ridge electrician installs everything from ceiling fans to air conditioners while ensuring your power outlets are properly maintained to avoid overloading – not only in the Bracken Ridge area, but in surrounding suburbs as well.
  • Wire Your Property – Whether you are moving into a new property and need your wiring done, or wish to upgrade your existing set-up, our team is here to help. Our electricians ensure they get the job done right the first time while complying with all safety regulations.
  • Assist with Your Power Bill – Have you noticed that your electricity bill has increased in recent times? Our team will inspect your home to investigate if faulty wiring or damaged appliances are the cause. If a problem is discovered, we also conduct the necessary repairs to save you money.

Our Services

Residential Electrical Services

Your home is your sanctuary, so don’t settle for substandard electronics that hinder your quality of living. While we are not located in Bracken Ridge, our team treats the area like our own neighbourhood as we deliver exceptional electrical services for homes throughout the suburb. We offer everything from the installation of ovens, cooktops, and smoke alarms, while we can also repair your hot water system, so you don’t have to settle for cold showers.

Commercial Electrical Services

Need a Bracken Ridge electrician to service your commercial property? No matter your industry, your business requires reliable and functioning electronics to operate, and our team is here to service all your needs. If you operate a bar or restaurant, we are able install any cooking appliances you require, while we are also able to install complicated lighting setups to help you attract customers. Our services also extend to inspections and efficiency audits, where we diagnose any electrical issues you may be experiencing.

Industrial Electrical Services

When you operate an industrial building, you need reliable electronics to keep your operations consistently running. As qualified electricians with over 15 years of experience, we have assisted countless industrial clients with their electrical needs. Our services include automation, control and safety control systems, and lighting installation and repairs. We are also able to note any electrical improvements for your property.

Hire a Bracken Ridge Electrician with Latched Electrical Today!

Don’t let faulty electronics jeopardise your quality of living or your family’s safety. At Latched Electrical Solutions we harness our years of experience to supercharge the Bracken Ridge area with outstanding electrical services. Whether you need rewiring or a replacement appliance, give us a call on 0419 283 055 or get in touch through our contact form.

Who Are We?

All of our electricians are highly trained experts of the trade. We never stop learning and improving our team through weekly training and upskilling.

At Latched Electrical Solutions, we are fully compliant professionals who pride themselves on unmatched attention to electrical safety. Do you have electrical safety concerns? Don’t worry, we can explain everything in a plain and easy to understand language when quoting a job.


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