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Safety Switches

Regardless of whether you own your home, are a renter, or you own a business premesis, having safety switches installed on all circuits is imperative. These are crucial components to maintaining the safety of not only yourself, but your family and visitors, and prevents electrical shocks. If you’re unsure about safety switches and their role or performance, all you have to do is give the team at Latched Electrical Solutions a call so we can have an informative chat! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Importance of Safety Switches

Electrical Safety

Safety switches play an important role in preventing electrical shocks and protecting individuals against electrical fires. These switches work to monitor the flow of electricity and will automatically shut off power when there is an imbalance or fault detected.

Personal Safety

They also provide an additional layer of protection for individuals working with electrical equipment and are crucial for environments where moisture or wet conditions are prevalent. This reduces the risk of electrocution.

Compliance with Regulations

There are a number of regions and countries that have regulations mandating the installation of safety switches not only in residential areas, but commercial and industrial settings (even more so). Adhering to these regulations ensures legal compliance and fosters safe living and working environments for all.

Things to Consider Upon Installation

Types of Safety Switches

If you’re looking to get someone in to install safety switches, it’s beneficial that you understand the different types available. RCDs are built for personal protection, and circuit breakers are important for equipment protection. Choosing the right type based on specific requirements of the designated environment is paramount.

Regular Testing & Maintenance

Safety switches are required to be checked and regularly tested to ensure their correct functionality and safety standards. Routine maintenance and testing should be conducted by no one but a qualified professional to identify and, if need be, rectify any issues.

Installation by Licensed Electricians

Electrical workers and contractors in Queensland are required to comply with a multitude of electrical safety switch installation standards, testing electrical work, using, and installing compliant electrical equipment and products.

Important Considerations

Reporting an Incident

First and foremost, ensuring people are safe in the event of an incident is the most imperative step to take. You must notify Workplace Health and Safety Queensland immediately, or the Electrical Safety Office. Do not disturb the site of the incident, and make sure you contact your workers compensation insurer or WorkCover Queensland as soon as possibly convenient.

Call 1300 362 0128 or complete the online incident form: Report Incident

For further information: Notify WHSQ and ESO

Electrical Safety Switches QR Code

To assist homeowners and businesses in ensuring they have a proper understanding of the differences between circuit breaks and safety switches – along with how to test a safety switch, follow the QR code below which will take you to the Electrical Safety website: Safety Switches | Electrical Safety Office

QR Code for the Electrical Safety Website | Featured image for the Safety Switches landing page by Latched Electrical Solutions.

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