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Industrial Services

Are you in need of a qualified industrial electrical contractor who can provide quality industrial electrical services? Look no further than Latched Electrical Solutions.

We are qualified, licensed, and have over 15 years of experience working in the industrial electrical sector, allowing you to feel confident knowing our team will do your job to a high standard.

With our many years of experience with industrial electrical maintenance services, we have dealt with and overcome many electrical issues for our customers. Have peace of mind knowing we identify faults quickly, repair them, as well as carry out new installations or modify old ones so that you don’t need to stress.

Do you need electrical maintenance? Trust our industrial electrician Brisbane team to get the job done. Contact us today to book our industrial electrical maintenance service.

Our Industrial Electrical Services Include:

At Latched Electrical Solutions, we provide quality industrial electrical services including light installations and repairs for a range of requirements, such as:

  • General Lighting
  • Loading Bays
  • Maintenance Walkways
  • Platform Areas
  • Exit Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting

If you need an industrial electrical contractor to take care of your light installations or any electrical repairs, let us know and our team will get the job done.

No matter what your electrical needs are in or around your industrial facility, if anything needs improving, upgrading, or repairing, our industrial electrical services are the right fit for the job. With our 15 years of experience in the industry, feel confident knowing you’ve engaged a trusting, knowledgeable and reliable company to assist with your building’s electrical systems. When it comes to proper electrical maintenance, utilise the industrial electrical contractors Brisbane trusts – Latched Electrical Solutions.

We understand that industrial companies require a lot of light and power to operate with efficiency. That is why, when you need temporary solutions, we recommend calling a Brisbane industrial electrician from Latched Electrical to help you out!

When you need it the most, we can provide an industrial electrical contractor to install the following:

  • Generators
  • Load banks
  • Lighting towers

We have extensive experience in motor replacement, efficiency testing, variable speed drive or soft starter replacement/installation and configuration. Regardless of your needs, the Brisbane industrial electrician team from Latched Electrical Solutions can assist.

Our industrial electrical contractor team can assist with automation programming and configuration. Whether you are implementing PLC or HMI automation, we have a skilled Brisbane industrial electrician that can ensure quick setup and thorough maintenance. Brands we are also familiar with include Allan Bradley, Omron, and Panasonic. At Latched Electrical, we can also assist with smart relays.

Do you have control systems installed within your plant or facility? Do they need repairing? With our industrial electrical maintenance services, feel comfortable knowing that we’ve got your back when it comes to control system repairs. And, if you’d like one installed, simply let us know and we’ll find the right fit for your business!

We understand how important safety systems are to our equipment, and how they play a vital role in the way a company operates and gets work done effectively. With Latched, we offer industrial electrical maintenance services which aim to provide all the right and necessary products that are needed for safety control systems that aren’t working, taking the stress and hassle out of repairs for you.

To maximise safety and efficiency in your industrial space, call the industrial electrical contractors Brisbane business owners trust for all their authorised electrical work.

At Latched Electrical Solutions,

Our experiences have taught us that industrial production and manufacturing facilities are much greater than the general requirements of residential and commercial. Our industrial electrical services give customers peace of mind knowing that our specialised industrial electrical contractor team are fully capable of handling a wide range of electrical issues within the industrial sector.

Looking for Assistance?

If you’re looking for an industrial electrician Brisbane wide, contact us today and we’ll determine the right service for you! To receive a quote, visit us online or call 0419 283 055 to speak to our team and request a call out, or for general information and queries.


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