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Ceiling Fan Electrician

Ceiling fans use less electricity and are cheaper to run than air conditioning, saving you up to 90% off your energy bill.

Ceiling fans help to create a comfortable breeze inside the home, making them a popular choice for homeowners looking for an affordable, eco-friendly way to keep cool. For extremely hot climates, ceiling fans can be used in conjunction with air conditioning, spreading the cool air around long after you’ve turned the air con off. If you’d like to install or repair a ceiling fan, call a Latched ceiling fan electrician on 0419 283 055 for a quote today.

Ceiling fan installations

A ceiling fan is an excellent way to help you control airflow through your home. It can help keep your home comfortable during the warmer months, mixing cool air around the room. Efficient and affordable, ceiling fans help control temperature in every room of the house. 

Light and ceiling fan

Want to upgrade to a lighting and ceiling fan combination? Ceiling light fans are growing increasingly popular, offering space and energy-saving benefits. These are common choice for apartments and homes where there’s not as much ceiling space.

Can I install ceiling fans myself?

Though installing a ceiling fan may seem simple, electricity can be extremely hazardous in the hands of an amateur. A licensed ceiling fan electrician not only has the experience needed to do the work, but will also have all of the right tools and equipment required to ensure safe, hazard-free ceiling fan installations. 

Ceiling fan repairs

Low ceiling fan power

Do you think your ceiling fan has lost its wind power? Call now to speak with one of our trained ceiling fan repairs electricians. Our team can diagnose this issue for you and quickly get your ceiling fan working effectively again by replacing the faulty switch.

Noisy fan

Is your ceiling fan making a lot of noise that’s keeping you awake? A Latched Brisbane Northside electrician can take a look and have it up and running the same day – whether it’s simply fixing a wiring issue or replacing the fan with a new one. 

Ceiling fans and air conditioning

A ceiling fan is a perfect complement to air-conditioning in the summer. When turned on, it creates a constant movement of air throughout the room, preventing hot spots that result when air conditioning alone is used. It also helps lower your energy bill by circulating cool outdoor air into the centre of the room in summer.

Why choose Latched Electrical Solutions?

Latched Electrical Solutions are the local experts for ceiling fans of all types. Our ceiling fan electrician specialists often get calls from customers looking to replace their old ceiling fans with something new or upgrade to a premium quality fan. Our years of experience with ceiling fan installations mean we can offer valuable advice tailored to your specific needs. If you’re interested, you can ask us anything about the pros and cons of ceiling fan types according to your preferences and budget.

Our team of ceiling fan electrician specialists will repair any type of problem, including loose connections, burned or worn-out electrical wiring, faulty or broken switches and more. We offer standard repairs and upgrades that can improve the quality and longevity of your ceiling fan and lights. For every type of electrical service, chat to the team at Latched Electrical Solutions.

Fan Repair Electrician Brisbane

Are you looking for a residential electrician Brisbane trusts for ceiling fan installations and repairs?

Contact Latched Electrical Solutions today by calling 0419 283 055 or get in touch online and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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