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Electric Cooktop Repair & Installation

Electric Stove Repairs

Your kitchen will instantly feel like new with a brand-new range hood (sometimes called a cooktop). Our residential electrical services team can make this happen by installing your cooktop – whether it’s as part of the renovation process or as a simple replacement. If you’re looking for quality electric cooktop repair work and cooktop installations, be sure to get in touch with Latched Electrical Solutions by calling 0419 283 055 today.

Whether your oven is heating up incorrectly, you can’t adjust the temperature, or it’s simply not cooking as it should, our electric cooktop repair technicians can take a look and quickly determine the cause. Our exceptional customer service ensures we provide you with a solution that will last for many years to come.

Cooktop installations

Call our team when you want electric cooktop installations completed correctly and as quickly as possible. We’ll send a qualified stove electrician to your home or rental property equipped with the right tools for the job and the experience needed to install any model of electric cooktop. Our team is fully qualified to assist with electric ovens, freestanding ranges, built-in ranges, and all other types of cooking appliances. For quality stove installations and repairs, contact Latched Electrical Solutions.

Electric stove repairs

Is your oven or cooktop on the way out? Before you get a new one, you should call us in to have it checked over. A little bit of maintenance on your old appliance could make it last long enough to get the most out of your purchase. With our electric stove repairs, you can be sure you’re getting the best service possible on any appliance.

Our electric cooktop repair experts have experience fixing all kinds of oven problems, including common issues such as switches not working properly, power surges, or a burnt circuit board. Latched electric cooktop repair technicians will recommend an economical solution that addresses the problem without replacing the entire appliance.

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Common cooktop problems

The oven isn’t turning on

If your oven hasn’t turned on recently, the first thing to check is the wall outlet. Many people assume a range is broken when it’s simply unplugged. Beyond this common oversight, several elements can affect your oven. A defective bake or broil element can prevent an oven from turning on properly, and a valve with damaged parts will prevent your range from lighting.

Electric coils won’t heat

If you’re experiencing difficulty getting your electric cooktop to light, it could be caused by a loose or disconnected coil element. The coils might have been removed to access the innards of the electric cooktop and weren’t put back in place when the cooktop was reassembled. If they aren’t reinstalled correctly, the coils won’t make contact and will not receive electricity. This can occur from shoddy installation, past repair work or just general wear and tear.

Can’t adjust the temperature

The infinite switch is a part of your electric cooktop that helps control the temperature. If the switch malfunctions, it could cause your cooktop to operate at an extremely high or extremely low temperature. Fortunately, this is an easy problem for a stove electrician to fix.

Are you looking for quality cooktop installations?​

If you need an oven installed or are experiencing problems with your range hood, you can get in touch with one of our technicians to discuss stove installations by calling 0419 283 055, emailing or via our online form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. For the electrical contractors North Brisbane homeowners trust, chat to Latched Electrical today.


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