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When it’s time for a new look inside your home, what’s a great way that is often overlooked? Interior light fixtures are the secret. You can create an entirely new ambience by upgrading your interior lighting. We’ll take a look at some excellent ideas.

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A New World of Lighting

Home interior lighting has come a long way – where once it was almost entirely utilitarian, lighting fixtures have become artistic and design focal points in their own right. They may be the centrepiece of a room’s unique look, or they may complement and support other design elements. Either way, the choices have never been greater, and applications have never been more diverse.

Upgrading What the Builder Chose

Most new construction features interior light fixtures that are basic and economical. The builder has many other costs, and cannot know what each buyer might prefer, so they will generally choose something that functions well and is very middle of the road visually. It is almost always up to the new home’s new owner to define a room’s look by deciding what they really want and finding a professional to install it.

Upgrading What Has Always Been There

At the other end of the spectrum is the older house that has had the same fixtures and appointments for a long time – possibly decades. Sometimes this can be quite charming, and often it is rather drab. Few things wake up a sleepy old room like thoughtfully chosen new interior light fixtures. More visually compelling than a repaint or new carpet – and cheaper, too.

Living Room

New lighting can really make a statement. Choose a strongly visual central fixture, and support with ambient lighting around the sides of the room, possibly from indirect sources. Light should be warm and inviting – the living room is the place where the house meets the world outside, and visitors get their first impressions. Table lamps can do double duty as ambient sources and as task lighting when placed near comfortable seating. Dimmer control is always good in a larger space – you can adjust the lighting to balance natural light, for a bright look by day and a cozy feeling in the evening.


When the kitchen includes a breakfast or dining area, this is a place for strong interior ceiling lights – one or more over the table, providing good lighting for everything that will happen there, and sets a theme for the room. Most families spend a lot of time at the kitchen table through the day. Excellent task lighting for food preparation is the other priority – even a smaller kitchen can be elevated by making food prep spaces highly useful and cheerful by warm focused lighting, with a diffuse overhead source lighting up the whole room. Pantry space will benefit from interior light fixtures, and cabinets may as well.

Dining Room

An interesting theme fixture over the table and extra lighting on the walls to illuminate a sideboard or other accessory furniture has always been successful. You want good lighting levels but not too harsh or direct – a pleasing indirect effect allows food and people to look their best. Some dining rooms are more formal, some more casual, but this general approach will work well in both.


A warm central source of light can be a statement in a larger space, or a simple functional unit when you don’t want to overwhelm a smaller space. It should be placed away from the bed. Task lighting for sitting up in bed may be placed on nightstands or dressers. Consider making all the bedroom lighting controllable from in bed – saves getting up on a chilly evening to turn off when it’s time for lights out.


Possibly not the first place people think of for a home interior lighting upgrade, but it can be very effective here. An artistic central fixture can set a theme, supported by colour-complementing accents like towels and a bath rug. Neutral local lighting on both sides of the mirror gives a close look for people getting ready for the day – or for a night out. Additional light fixtures placed in a shower or over a bathtub will need to be water-resistant and possibly accepted for damp-area use – your professional electrician will know and will be able to advise.

Utility Spaces

Garages are often underserved by whatever lighting may be present. This may be one reason they are often under-utilised. Bring in functional wide-area interior ceiling lights – fluorescents can even work here – and gain new use and new vitality.

Getting Started with Latched Electrical Solutions

Lighting upgrades need the involvement of trusted, licenced, and certified professionals. Latched Electrical Solutions has done so many great projects through the years. We want to hear your ideas, and we can offer more from our long experience.

We will show you what’s been done and working with you we’ll create a look for your home that is different from any other. Contact us for a call out, a quote, or to begin talking about what we can do for you. Reach us at our contact page, or on 0419 283 055. We’re here in North Brisbane to help make your home glow with new warmth.

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